The woman husband’s brother must marry the lady and you may bed with her

The woman husband’s brother must marry the lady and you may bed with her

The woman husband’s brother must marry the lady and you may bed with her

NASB 1977 “When brothers real escort in Clarksville time with her and something ones dies and has now zero child, this new partner of one’s ily so you’re able to a strange guy. Their husband’s sis will come in to help you the girl and take the lady to themselves since partner and do the obligation of a partner’s sibling to help you the lady.

Amplified Bible “In the event the brothers live together and one ones dies instead a child, the latest widow of your own ily to a complete stranger. Her partner’s brother would be sexual along with her shortly after providing her while the their wife and carry out the obligations out-of a husband’s cousin to help you the girl.

Religious Basic Bible “When brothers go on a comparable property plus one of those dies rather than a kid, the new spouse of your own dead-man ily.

The girl aunt-in-rules is to just take the woman once the his wife, enjoys intimate relationships together, and you may perform the obligation out-of a sis-in-laws for her

Holman Christian Important Bible Whenever brothers live on an equivalent possessions plus one of these passes away in place of a child, the spouse of your dead man ily.

GOD’S Keyword® Interpretation When brothers real time together plus one of them passes away as opposed to with a son, their widow should not ily

American Simple Variation In the event that brethren live along with her, and another ones die, and get no boy, new spouse of inactive should not be partnered versus unto a stranger: the woman husband’s sibling will come in unto their, and take the woman to help you him to girlfriend, and you may perform the obligation regarding a partner’s sis unto this lady.

Aramaic Bible for the Ordinary English Of course brothers tend to dwell given that you to and something of them have a tendency to pass away and then he doesn’t have man, the new spouse of your lifeless doesn’t get married a foreign guy, however, the woman partner’s aunt shall take the lady and you will she can be their girlfriend and he shall perform some obligations out of a husband’s brother so you’re able to the lady.

Brenton Septuagint Interpretation Of course, if brethren is real time together, and another ones would be to pass away, and should not enjoys vegetables, the fresh new girlfriend of your own ily so you can a man unrelated: the woman husband’s sibling should go in so you’re able to the lady, and you will shall need the woman so you can themselves having a girlfriend, and you will shall dwell along with her.

Douay-Rheims Bible When brethren dwell along with her, and something ones dieth without students, the brand new wife of your own lifeless will maybe not wed to another: however, their cousin should simply take her, and mention seed getting their sibling:

English Changed Type In the event that brethren dwell along with her, and another of these die, and also no guy, this new girlfriend of dry should maybe not wed rather than unto an effective stranger: their partner’s brother shall come in unto her, or take this lady so you can your so you can spouse, and you can perform the duty away from a keen partner’s cousin unto her.

Good news Interpretation “In the event the a couple brothers go on an equivalent assets plus one from him or her dies, making zero child, next his widow isn’t to get ily; it’s the obligation of one’s dead-man’s sister so you’re able to wed the girl.

All over the world Simple Variation “When a couple of brothers you live with her plus one ones dies from the comfort of a kid, his widow must not be ily so you’re able to a foreigner. Alternatively, the sis-in-rules need to visit the girl, take their while the his girlfriend, and also by doing this perform the duty from a sibling-in-law.

JPS Tanakh 1917 If brethren dwell along with her, and another ones pass away, and just have no kid, brand new partner of your own lifeless should not be married abroad unto one perhaps not out of his kin; her partner’s sis will enter unto their, or take their in order to your to partner, and perform some obligations regarding a husband’s cousin unto her.

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